Ladies, none of us have been saved our entire lives. We have had sex before marriage, children before marriage, and probably have done some things we can’t speak of in public, but none the less we have gotten naked before time.

We have allowed one man or three men to see us with  no clothes, or see our minds with no clothes, and we’ve been used and abused because of that choice. Let me tell you, allowing a man to see you unclothed spiritually and naturally not knowing who they are to you SPIRITUALLY, is  set up from the enemy.

Right now, you must decide to get naked and in the mirror and see yourself; you must get uncomfortable with you in all your fallicies and flaws.

Get naked.

Take your clothes off. Look at your drooping boobies or your flapping stomach. Take a look at your sloping eyes, or your unmanicured nails. Look at your thighs how big or how skinny they are. Look at yourself and pick out all the problems you see. Then ask yourself how long have you LOVED YOURSELF DESPITE THESE FLAWS? Ask yourself how do you feel with your clothes on and say do I feel the same with my clothes off? Get naked.

Put your clothes on. Look at your well pulled together outfit. Look at the names on your clothes, and ask yourself how much you have spent on those items. Look at your jewelry, your make up, and your hair. Ask yourself how much do you love you now? Ask yourself how you felt with your clothes off, and say do I feel the same way? Get naked with YOUR CLOTHES ON.

Now, take a few minutes and make note of each and everything about you. Yes, you can cry if you want to; you might HAVE TO!  You might have to cry, because as you have gotten naked with you, you have forgotten that you are not perfect and trying to be perfect in your nakedness (spiritually or naturally), you forgot God made you fearfully and wonderfully. So, take a few minutes to get naked again and get real with you. Get real with your flaws and say, I love me in  my flaws and I can make it. I love me droopy boobies because I’m blessed with them.

Realize that getting naked is not about talking about you or getting suicidal; it is not about comparing yourself to what the media has or says is right. This is about developing a truly NAKED YOU, that people have to accept.

Get naked and accept YOU!!

God bless.

Dana Williamson







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