When we first started the B.A.D. Queens of the Round-Table, I asked everyone to look at what they bring to the table. I said this to make women realize what they are actually doing in life that will help in their marriage. After the wedding is the marriage; putting the work in talents and gifts as God has ordained is a ‘come up’ rather than waiting until after the ‘I do’s’.

Look at your table

Right now you are either working or building a business. If you want to share what you do with your future king, you must make it so that you can explain it to him.

I was in a marriage where pensions were better to reach for than using gifts and talents. My better half didn’t understand or try to understand the creative side of my life and just assumed it wouldn’t work; wow..look at it work now HONEY!

                                                                                           Dana Williamson

When you get to a point of knowing you can explain you with your eyes closed, and they said, you know what babe, I love you either way and we’re going to make this work, that’s when you know you can sell a can of chit’lins to a vegan and not worry.

Looking at your table allows you to mess it up, get it right, mess it up again, and get it right before the big reveal. You don’t want your future king to change anything, just enhance it. Looking at the table will allow you to see how everything will fit; all that each of you, as husband and wife, bring to the table.

Look at your table and allow God to just give you a clear understanding of all that you have and all that you have to offer.

Bless you




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