I wouldn’t be able to get through this series without sharing with you the opportunity to purchase ‘the lock on the door’ Christian Intimate Poetry for the married. (remember this series is for those getting married and already married and making some changes)

YES THE MARRIED. Now, if you purchase the book and you’re not married that temptation and follow through is not on me. 

What you do behind closed doors of your home is between you and the Lord. There is nothing wrong with what you want to do, love to do, and lusting/loving on your HUSBAND. YOUR HUSBAND..NOT SOMEONE ELSE’S.

Behind closed doors is where you not only relax, but you relax with each other. You spend time realizing why you got married in the first place, and then you MAKE LOVE WITHOUT INTERRUPTION.

Pick up ‘the lock on the door’ today and have it by Christmas!

God bless




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