Your vows you made or make on your wedding day are the words that solidify what you’ll do in your marriage. Those vows are something that expresses your love, not just words that are said in front of people Because you are expressing your love you have hope: HOPE IS LOVE.


God is love.

Do you believe in God? Great; believe and know that LOVE rules all and WINS.

Here at day 20 of preparing the Queen, I want you to realize that every thing said here is something you can recognize and continue to do for the next 21 days. Yes, we’ve had to play catch up, but in playing catch up, we’ve cried, we’ve worked, and we’ve loved the process.

When you consider that hope is love, you know, now that the process is the best benefit as you go forward. Learning and loving you is what makes you the BAD Queen that you are.

Go over each day and love on you, as you learn to love on HIM your king!


Dana Williamson


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