(Make it personal)

Father God in the name of Jesus, I ask you Lord God to cover my king as you prepare him for me. I ask you to cover my husband as we are apart from each other and being molded into the husband and wife we need to be for each other. I ask you Lord God to keep us pure until that time the covenant is completed on earth as it is in Heaven. Continuously make us over in your eyes, and prepare us to serve you completely in and through our marriage.

Father encourage my husband to use his gifts and talents not only for our home, but for ministry building as well like the men in Matthew that were given talents to use and multiply.

Father we thank  you that each and everyday you instill in us patience and understanding as we grow and go, separately, but preparing for each other. Father I ask that no matter where we are that you keep us covered by the blood of your son Jesus. Lord we thank you and bless your name…

In Jesus name..



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