As a married couple your first ministry is your MARRIAGE; you must first minister to yourselves before you can minister to others around you.

With that said, let me share this thought that was given to me as I prepare the table for what I can bring to my future marriage: you must know how you both will work in ministry together. What will that ministry look like? Ministry doesn’t have to be preaching behind four walls; ministry can be giving God glory for what He’s done in your marriage, business, etc.

So, how can you build ministry together? God’s way.

  • Figure out what you bring to the table.
  • What has God said to do with the gifts and talents he has given you?
  • Establish a plan that connects the dots of your gifts TOGETHER.

Some of you are saying, isn’t that something we discuss before we get married? Not always, and it’s not necessary most times. Why? God brings you two together knowing what you already have. He knows you both will work together  you just have to mold it together properly.

Ministry cannot be a business but business can be ministry. 

I know how to write, sing, speak, teach, etc. Those different things are income streams for my household. My future king and I need to take what I have, combined that with what he has and make it work for our household. Our future depends on what we can do TOGETHER.

I am also a ministry leader.

When my future king shows up, he will take his rightful place next to me, leading me, and we will share the word of GOD with many across the globe.


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