Father God,

I stand here today praying for my king. I am praying for, wherever he is right now thanking you in advance for bringing us together for kingdom building.

Lord, you have put us in a place to see each other again, but are preparing us, individually to be in a place to love each other as you love us. We are not conforming to the world Lord God; I thank you for the mind to choose you and pray for those that haven’t yet.

Lord I ask you to cover my king as waits for the appointed time you have given him;  the proper time to do what is necessary for us to be husband and wife. I ask you Lord to keep me, clean me, and prepare me for my king.

I ask you Lord to walk with us as we are awake, and even asleep; help us to see you at work in our lives. Cleanse us of anything that may be impure, lustful, etc, that goes against your word.

Father, in the name of your son JESUS, I ask you these things as I continue to obey and do what you have commanded me to in ministry and in business. Lord, my king is your son; keep him safe on earth; keep him safe at his job; keep him safe from harm and the enemy that tries to come up against him and the plan you have for his life. In Jesus name..amen.




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