Getting prepared to finish my 15 tasks for the day, I replayed the dream in my mind and I tried to shake the feeling of something unfinished, yet to do, or whatever. The Lord was saying so much to me that I was killing myself; it didn’t help that the enemy was hurting my head with doubt on all that I had seen and heard yesterday. Today, more had to happen as a result of my obedience yesterday.

I woke up and stumbled across many things the one day I woke up and started to write this new book. Yes, the DAY YOU WAKE UP is an ebook presented only by B.A.D. Books; preorders will be accepted in two days.

Nonetheless, the things I stumbled across were spiritual insights for me that were shocking. I walk in the prophetic and I have the seer anointing. A seer is someone that is given insight through vision and dreams. These visions and dreams are very vital for the world.

So what are the dreams the seer sees? I see end-time. I see current time. I see future love.

And that LADIES AND GENTLEMEN is why we’re here. I want you to grasp this message for you as I have grasped it for me:

…it was so intense, the feeling that went through my body, I had to repent. The thoughts that went through my mind were so lustful at any moment I knew HELL was about to open it’s doors.

“Take this from me Lord.” I whispered and just as quickly it was over. I opened my eyes again and looked at the time; an hour had passed and my experience was weighing heavy on my heart. Another vision. I started to cry. It was another morning of tests and trials…


There are times God will want you to seek Him while waiting on your king. The intimacy of another new day challenged me to call on God for healing, deliverance, rebuke and change. I want to be right for my king when He comes and having issues is not acceptable.


Healing and deliverance comes in so many forms; get in position to get healed and delivered so that you’re ready.

Dana Williamson






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