There is never a great time to talk about the love you have lost; what could have been that wasn’t and what to do next.

What happens when the love that was lost is so deep that you go to sleep every night wondering if it will ever be found. Sometimes you fall asleep wondering if it was really for you and that’s why it was lost? Sitting back thinking what did you do wrong to let it sleep away.

Love lost is not really love lost until it comes around and says, REMEMBER WHEN? I was in that place once; in that place of wonder and then amazement. I was in that place and recall the message God gave me to help me realize that my future husband was not the current husband, and that the current husband would never be ready for what God was going to do in me, through me, and around me.

Never under estimate Love lost, because it you won’t know until it comes around with Remember WHEN


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