Every time I post here, I share a piece of me in my words but I never share me. Today, I wanted to do something different and give you the woman behind the books, behind the rhyme, forever in ministry and ahead of time. I’m thankful that in this part of my life I can do this with out fear of the enemy. Remember the word of God says resist the enemy and He will flee!

I started writing short stories and poetry at twelve years old; I didn’t know I could publish or even sell my works until seven years ago. Since then, I have been work diligently to do what is necessary to keep my gift growing. From self help books to recently publishing my first Christian Fiction series, here I am: Dana Williamson.


I have three degrees: two associate degrees (Police Science and Biblical Studies) and a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. I have many certifications in business and ministry as well as in learning my craft.


I accepted the Christ as my Lord and savior in September of 1995 even though I had known the Lord for many years prior. I went to Catholic Elementary and High Schools, and obtained my Bachelors Degree from a Lutheran College. I am a ministry leader, not by choice, but by my yes; the Lord called me and here I am.


I keep my clothes on. I share the insights from a married woman. I encourage marriage although divorced. I walk under the biblical understanding that the marriage bed is not defiled. I want on my king!

With that I thank you all for liking, sharing, commenting and reading the blog posts from the lock on the door.


In the next few days, look out for a free thank you gift!

God bless you!




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