Over the next few days, I will be sharing parts of a very short project that God dropped in my spirit last week. I’m calling it the missing files, because it is a series of conversations had with a couple that helped Damia Willis and Reed Lovell before they ever became husband and wife. (See books at B.A.D BOOKS)

Dave and Dianne are servants for the Lord called into action just as fast as Damia was catapulted into running a ministry in a different country.

In the Middle of the Night, by Dana Marie

“Dianna,” Dave turned on his stomach and reached over to Dianna’s hand holding her bible, “We will do all that God has said no matter what we must give up.”

Sighing, Dianna looked at her husband and said, “I know, but what about the kids? We’ll be leaving them and the grandchildren.”

“They can’t go and we can’t take them.” Getting up, Dave headed to the bathroom continuing with, “Our yes is our yes; not theirs.”

Dianna looked down at her Bible as the words started to blur; she knew Dave was right but her heart was breaking. She tried to continue reading but the tears started to flow. Dave paused at the door and looked at his wife. He, too, knew she was sad about having to leave the kids behind, but their yes was their yes. Getting back in bed he took the bible and pen from Dianna and pulled he close to him. Dave held her while she cried and eventually she fell asleep. Throughout the night he made a mental plan to get terminate the lease on their condo, sell their furniture and purchase an RV. The next thirty-days would be pivotal.

While this was going on, Damia Willis was having her own issues and setbacks.

“Peter, Where are you?” Damia asked. It was midnight her time as she called him she worried she may not reach him.

“I’m traveling, Agent Willis; what can I help you with?”

“I can’t handle this, Peter. I’m nervous, and Anthony….”

“Everything has changed Agent Willis for good reason. Your help is coming but you have to walk in the strength God has given you. Stop playing with your power.”

“Really, Peter? Every time I talk to you.” Damia said.

“Then stop talking to me, Agent.”

“Are you in Milwaukee??”

“NO, AGENT!!! Jeez, I’ll be back there soon.”

“Thanks, Peter.”

“You’re welcome, Damia; now get to work.”


This project is done and will be added to the next film in the Damia Willis, FBI franchise.


Dana M. Williamson


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