When I started this blog, it was because of my book of intimate poems ‘the lock on the door’; I never expected to share some of my Chrisitian fiction or insight for husbands and wives. I never thought I would come to this point in my life where I would have to site down and share my history. THIS HISTORY.

I wrote the poetry book while my husand and I were going through challenges and changes in our marriage. I wanted so mush to fall in love all over again to finish raising our kids, and have a happily every after. IT DIDNT HAPPEN.

I found out later that year he was cheating on me and wrote my testimony in ONE WEEK after that; I had allowed myself to be a victim and then decided NO LONGER.

Now that I am six years older, spiritually wiser, and a walking understatment, I have no time for the past. It is time for me to create new history.

I started writing this blog post because of a sinking feeling I was having; I know now that everything happens because of, and in, time.

My history is still being made, how about you?


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