Every year I seem to find myself in a new challenge; the challenge to accomplish a goal set by my Lord and savior. This challenge, this year, is a test of WILLS; Mine and my past.

I am a writer. I write blogs, books, Christian fiction, speechers, and sermonettes. I create responses in my head which push me pass the drama that surrounds my life. I am an ex-wife, a mother, a niece and a cousin; the past comes to Push me OFF THE COURSE.

Once upon a time is really  TODAY.

My will is to do it God’s way, hence HIS WILL NOT MINE, but at a weak point in my life I find the will of my past comes to turn that. My past is like the bully on the playground that doesn’t want you to do anything. For me the past shows up 4 times a week in my life like the bully on the playground.

The discovery of this means, I know it is challenge, but it is someting I’m prepared for; the very thing I know I can do is lean on God and not allow my past to keep me stagnated. As a writer, I will write and let the test of wills fail…..TODAY


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