Ladies, Let Him touch YOU

Here again to share a few words about my  new book ‘a sure thing’, (place your pre-order below) and help you get FREE. Yes, I’m talking to the saved, sanctified, filled with the HOLY GHOST women who think all the curtains and blinds are open in the bedroom.

They’re not.

God is there. You are there. Your husband better be there and YOU’RE MARRIED.

Now that we have that clear, let your husband touch you. Turn the lights on and let him see you. You may hate your weight or one breast is bigger than the other, but he doesn’t care and if he does care, well, that’s something you need to talk to God about. Your thighs may be too big and or too small to you, but you’re married now, or have been married for many years. YOU’RE ALIVE, stop allowing your love to die behind closed doors.

Here’s the deal, ‘a sure thing’ is for those of you who know there is more behind the door, with the music playing LOUD, and the sheets on the floor. You are not a prude. You are not afraid, and you can fall in love again and again if you let HIM TOUCH YOU.

Be comfortable in your own skin.

Look at your body and ask yourself what can I change FOR ME? When you decide to have me time, DISCOVER YOU; what flaws do you  like or don’t like? Ask God to help ypu change them. I will by no means tell you to investigate those places for you and your husband, BY YOURSELF; take him with you. Investigate together because God meant for that intimacy to be done TOGETHER.

Consider this, ‘a sure thing’, is an example of you and your husband.

God bless!



Why ‘a sure thing’?

It only took two days to start and finish a book for the married that beats out my own poetry book ‘the lock on the door’. I had to turn the fan on as I wrote it (laugh now!).

Yet, you’re probably asking, why ‘a sure thing’? Well, men and women, who have been friends a long time, shy away from relationships with each other unless 1. they are on Hallmark, or 2. they just can’t explain it and go back to Hallmark. A sure thing is something God put together a long time ago and finally each person stopped fighting the process.

Friends know everything about each other living and breathing each other’s mistakes. Friends know exactly what you bring to the table and say we bring a full meal, together, to the table. Friends hear you and respond to what you’re saying.

So why not? Why  not ‘a sure thing’ filled with weddings, marriages, love-making and real LOVE?

Again, it burns my gears that Christians don’t talk about how INTIMATE you can be in your bedrooms. We only share the marriage bed is undefiled…okay..what does that mean?

Let me be the first (or maybe the second) to say this:

  1. Love yourself.
  2. Accept yourself.
  3. Love your spouse for whom they are not whom you want them to be (get counseling if necessary)
  4. Love with the lights on.
  5. Moan, touch, squeeze, the parts on your spouses body you’ve been afraid to touch.
  6. Empty nesters, walk around the house naked–get to know your body outside the bedroom.
  7. Think about this: we would be naked if Eve and Adam hadn’t SINNED in their nakedness.


God bless …pre-order ‘a sure thing’ by completing the form below!

Married and Making Love

Nothing burns my gears more than someone talking about married people as if they can’t have hot sex; behind closed doors is the best place to have hot sex. Better yet, it should be referred to as MAKING LOVE, intimate, sexy, and UNAPOLOGETIC!

I have wondered why, as a Christian author, do other author’s run away from a steamy, married love scene. I asked this in my group B.A.D. Christian Authors with no answer yet, but it’s something that should be talked about.

Now to get to the point of our conversation here:


I’ve been divorced for over two years now; I’m doing good and continuously excited about what God is doing in my life as I keep moving forward. In the past few days, I have started writing another book of Christian fiction which is a compilation of short stories titled a sure thing. This book leaves very little to the imagination but gives you insight in other FULL NOVELS I’m working on through 2018. This book of short stories will be released, in print, on December 31st, 2017.


I wanted to give you a taste of the hot and steamy and ENCOURAGE your comments. One comment will be chosen to obtain the e-book for free! If you would like to pre-order the book in print for $7.95 complete the form below.

Mike placed his right hand in between her lips that were, now, legally his. He stroked them over and over. Marie grabbed the sides of the chaise moaning; trying hard not to scream. Two of Mike’s fingers explored the inside of a tunnel that had not been investigated in years. He held his own breath as two were a close fit. The throbbing in between his own legs was unbearable. His in and out motion with his hand caused a river of intensification from Marie.

“Marie…” Mike stood up and reached his hand out to her. Marie never opened her eyes. He could see her trying to catch her breath as he stopped in the middle of a peak moment “Marie…” he repeated.

Marie opened her eyes and took Mike’s hand. He led her to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Careful not to get her hair wet he pulled her into the shower and said, “We must kill two birds with one stone here, my love.”

“Yes…you’re right.” Marie replied breathlessly smiling at him.

They kissed passionately massaging each part of the other’s body while the sound of the shower covered their moans.

“I can’t hold back any longer.” He said in between kisses and squeezing her breasts.

“Then don’t.” Marie massaged and squeezed his manhood until it was too hard to hold.

Mike wasn’t ready. He pushed her up against the wall of the shower and parted her thighs. Holding her up with one hand, Mike took the other and worked her button in between her legs.

“Open your eyes, darling.” He said not missing a beat, “I want to see inside your heart.”

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That’s it! That’s all you get! 



If She Only Knew

Here is another part of the new book from ‘Mike’s’ perspective:


Sitting in his office, he allowed his mind to drift about her. He knew the visions were becoming more real, and more intense, in his life. Mike was afraid it was a trick of the enemy. Seeing this woman almost every night in every dream started to scare him, but somehow, someway, Mike felt like these visions and dreams would become a reality.

He blushed, thanking God he was alone, as he recalled waking up one morning with such intensity in his manhood he was almost ashamed.

“Almost.” He whispered to himself. His cell phone pulled him out of his day dreaming; it was his pastor. “Pastor Whitlow, how are you?”

“I’m good Michael; I was just checking on you because you crossed my mind this afternoon. Bishop said to give you a call.”

Straightening up in his chair Mike looked around the office as if he were being watched. He knew his pastor and her husband walked strongly in the prophetic. “Well, ma’am, I’m good.”

“Are you retiring this year, Mike?”

“I plan to.” He responded.

“Are you dating, Mike?” She asked slowly.

“Uhm, No ma’am.”

“Mike, I’ve had a vision of you with a woman; this woman was in the hospital.”

He cleared his throat and said, “I’m not sure whom that is, Pastor Whitlow.”

“Mike, tell me you haven’t had these same visions.”

He let the phone drop slightly from his ear as he pondered lying to her; he knew he couldn’t, but he, too, couldn’t explain this woman or even share what her name is.

“I’ve had the same visions, Pastor.” He responded reluctantly.

“She’s your wife, Mike.”


Dana Williamson

Writer, Author, Coach, Minister of the Gospel

Another Visit

Yes, I’m still creating this book I shared with you in the previous post, but it is full of the intimacy a Christian has and is full of the suspense of the unknown? Are you ready?

She shut the door behind her and leaned against it as she let the worries of the day play over in her mind. Before she opened her eyes an invigorating aroma filled her nose. Quickly, she realized it was a man cologne and her eyes flew open. There at the bottom of her stairs sat “Mike”; he just stared at her with chin resting on his folded hands.

“Why?” She asked.

“Why what?”

“Why are you here?”

“You know why; it’s all in the plan.”

“I don’t know the full extent of the plan. This isn’t fair you just show up!” She leaned her head back, closed her eyes and sighed. “It’s just not fair.” She said lowering her voice.

“It’s not about what is fair, but what is right.” She felt his breath in her ear as whispered his response. When she opened her eyes he was gone; another visit from her future king.

“God, not again!!!”

Dana Williamson

B.A.D. LLC dba B.A.D. BOOKS.


Not the Christian Stereotype

I am loved. I am want to be loved, and I want to give all of my love to my future king. Spiritually, neither of us are ready.

I spoke this today in my spirit, out-loud, and now here; why? People believe Christians don’t feel loving in a way a wife loves a husband. We’re adults here so let me be clear: wives want to love on their husbands behind closed doors 15 years into their marriage as if they are still newlyweds. Wives want to give their entire bodies to their husbands because that’s what we do. (I was a wife so I can say we.)

Yet, society doesn’t look at a Christian being able to do that.

Let me shut down the stereotype: SEX IS NORMAL. GOD intended for a man and a woman to have SEX. Maybe it reproduces a short version of themselves maybe it doesn’t, but GOD INTENDED for us to enjoy each other sexually as well when we’re not having sex.

Why are we, my future king and myself, not ready?

We live lives that are building on the gifts God has given us. We haven’t even had a chance to court each other let along be ready to give to each other lovingly. You’re probably asking why am I talking about this: BECAUSE SOMEONE ELSE IS WONDERING ABOUT THEIR SEX LIFE IN A CHRISTIAN HOME.

Let go of the  religious rhetoric and love on your husband. Whether it is the kitchen, bedroom, shower or garage (yesssss, stop being so timid), keep the flame lite.


Love ya!

Dana Williamson



The Day You Wake Up: A Seer Dreams

Getting prepared to finish my 15 tasks for the day, I replayed the dream in my mind and I tried to shake the feeling of something unfinished, yet to do, or whatever. The Lord was saying so much to me that I was killing myself; it didn’t help that the enemy was hurting my head with doubt on all that I had seen and heard yesterday. Today, more had to happen as a result of my obedience yesterday.

I woke up and stumbled across many things the one day I woke up and started to write this new book. Yes, the DAY YOU WAKE UP is an ebook presented only by B.A.D. Books; preorders will be accepted in two days.

Nonetheless, the things I stumbled across were spiritual insights for me that were shocking. I walk in the prophetic and I have the seer anointing. A seer is someone that is given insight through vision and dreams. These visions and dreams are very vital for the world.

So what are the dreams the seer sees? I see end-time. I see current time. I see future love.

And that LADIES AND GENTLEMEN is why we’re here. I want you to grasp this message for you as I have grasped it for me:

…it was so intense, the feeling that went through my body, I had to repent. The thoughts that went through my mind were so lustful at any moment I knew HELL was about to open it’s doors.

“Take this from me Lord.” I whispered and just as quickly it was over. I opened my eyes again and looked at the time; an hour had passed and my experience was weighing heavy on my heart. Another vision. I started to cry. It was another morning of tests and trials…


There are times God will want you to seek Him while waiting on your king. The intimacy of another new day challenged me to call on God for healing, deliverance, rebuke and change. I want to be right for my king when He comes and having issues is not acceptable.


Healing and deliverance comes in so many forms; get in position to get healed and delivered so that you’re ready.

Dana Williamson





King and Queen Chronicles: Partners

This is short and sweet as we go into the  new year:




When you make decisions in life thinking of the TWO OF YOU as ONE, you understand that conversations may be hard and you may  not agree all the time, but when you are determined to win, you will WIN.


God bless.


Dana Williamson

King and Queen Chronicles: Leaving the Comfort Zone

When husbands and wives get older, they tend to stay in the places they have been in most of the lives/marriages. This can cause things to get boring.

I don’t want a boring marriage. My next marriage will be full of exciting events. We will travel. We will create opportune moments to increase our love for each other as well as kingdom building and growing in our entrepreneurship.

The importance of getting out of your comfort zone is to make sure you keep the love alive in your marriage. No one else will do that for you. It is you two and God; God put you both together and no devil in hell can tear you apart. With that, you must put the work in.

Get out of your comfort zones.

  • Take mini trips around the world not just across the country.
  • Send love notes.
  • Send flowers.
  • Go to the movies…as a matter of fact GO TO THE DRIVE IN…
  • Stay at a hotel far from home.
  • Whatever it is you want to do, DO IT. Don’t let anyone say you can’t.

God bless.

Happy New year.

Dana Williamson

King and Queen Chronicles: Do what works

Every day someone is contemplating divorce or getting divorced; today think about what you need to do to stay married. That means doing what works.

What works?

  • Take the time to remember how you fell in love and bring that back, or increase it.
  • Take time away just for the two of you and keep up with what you want and desire for your lives together.
  • Remember that God is the 3rd strand of your marriage; pray together.
  • Remember to keep people out of your business.
  • Never under estimate the power of prayer in your spouse.

Do what works.

Dana Williamson