The Garden Experience: Snippet

Hello my followers!! It has been a while.

I have been working diligently on a few new books that follow the Damia Willis, FBI Series.

Today, I’m sharing a short snippet from book two of The Garden Experience; this part shares how men should be thinking when serving as well as being married.

Peter looked off into the distance; up towards the sky as the moon was very bright. He gathered his words in his mind before he spoke. “We have a responsibility as husbands to take care of our wives. Everything that happens with each given day brings us closer to the end of our assignment; the assignments we’re on for that particular day and we are still HUSBANDS.”

“No matter who I am or whom I was, I’m married to Jasmine under the eyes of the Lord; still serving still living and-”

“Still leading.” Anthony interjected

“Still leading.” Peter agreed. It was a long day and going into a longer night.
“Peter,” Reed started, “You are not alone. We have never been alone in anything we need to do for the kingdom. Peter, God’s got this and us.”

Get ready for book two before Black Friday!


Dana Williamson

B.A.D. Books


Jemma…isn’t her name

I write books.

When I write, I tell the stories God gives me; some of those stores don’t make sense.

When I first started writing, I was a teenager, actually a preteen and the story just continued. To this day, 30 some years later, it has not been finished. I can’t even tell you why but right now there is a new story. A story I started writing for a contest and, then, it took a life on of it’s own.

Not true.

God redirected the path of the character. Jemma. Jemma is the character, but it’s not even her name.

“You’re not going to meet her.” Edward stated. 

“Yes, I am. She is the piece to this puzzle we don’t have.” Jemma said grabbing her coat. 

“No, we don’t know her, what she does; come on Jemma.” He pleaded. 

“Mr. King said we needed to meet. I didn’t think she would drop her life and be here in London at the blink of an eye.” 

“Right! Who is she? What does she need to say that couldn’t have been said over the phone.” 

Jemma plopped down on the couch and sighed. Edward was right. She couldn’t say why Damia Willis, was coming to meet her.


“Edward, that isn’t even my name.”

“It’s the name you have lived with; you can’t leave it behind.” Edward sat next to her and put his hand on her knee. “Who is this woman?” 

“Who am I? Who am I Edward that she dropped her life and is on a jet HERE RIGHT NOW?” Jemma started to cry, “Who am I?” 

(From Book 2 of the Her Journey to the Truth)

Get ready for the book launch of book one of Her Journey to the Truth


Telling Your Story God’s Way

As a writer, I find I share what is deep in my spirit in my spoken word and Christian fiction. Some of what is released is a prophetic word; some of it is entertainment. What I’ve found, is, I’ve come a long way from when I was in the fourth grade in trouble for a bad reading grade.

That grade brought me to where I am right now; poetry, self-help books, and now Christian fiction. I had to read a book and write a book report for my mom. Hard for a fourth grader but it had to be done.

It was only, almost three years ago, I found I could write God’s way. I found I WILL WRITE GOD’S WAY. It was important to write as the Lord instilled in me to do, not just for me, but for others whom would read my books.

I want to share with you my recent blog on reading is fun-damental as I encouage you to tell your story God’s way. Never under estimate what the Lord has given you to speak and how it should be shared with others.

  1. Give time to God to in order to hear.
  2. Never ask someone else what they think; God told you!
  3. Make sure all grammer is correct.
  4. Stay within God’s timing.



If She Only Knew

Here is another part of the new book from ‘Mike’s’ perspective:


Sitting in his office, he allowed his mind to drift about her. He knew the visions were becoming more real, and more intense, in his life. Mike was afraid it was a trick of the enemy. Seeing this woman almost every night in every dream started to scare him, but somehow, someway, Mike felt like these visions and dreams would become a reality.

He blushed, thanking God he was alone, as he recalled waking up one morning with such intensity in his manhood he was almost ashamed.

“Almost.” He whispered to himself. His cell phone pulled him out of his day dreaming; it was his pastor. “Pastor Whitlow, how are you?”

“I’m good Michael; I was just checking on you because you crossed my mind this afternoon. Bishop said to give you a call.”

Straightening up in his chair Mike looked around the office as if he were being watched. He knew his pastor and her husband walked strongly in the prophetic. “Well, ma’am, I’m good.”

“Are you retiring this year, Mike?”

“I plan to.” He responded.

“Are you dating, Mike?” She asked slowly.

“Uhm, No ma’am.”

“Mike, I’ve had a vision of you with a woman; this woman was in the hospital.”

He cleared his throat and said, “I’m not sure whom that is, Pastor Whitlow.”

“Mike, tell me you haven’t had these same visions.”

He let the phone drop slightly from his ear as he pondered lying to her; he knew he couldn’t, but he, too, couldn’t explain this woman or even share what her name is.

“I’ve had the same visions, Pastor.” He responded reluctantly.

“She’s your wife, Mike.”


Dana Williamson

Writer, Author, Coach, Minister of the Gospel

Behind Closed Doors

When I start to write, I write tapping into the Holy Spirit; the good and the bad needing to be shared comes from whatever God gives me through His spirit. The problem with that is, some audiences don’t understand the responsibility of the prophetic scribe.

There were times, I didn’t understand my responsibility but right now, what I know is that behind closed doors there is a secret that must be kept until just the right time; the release can’t happen until God ordains it.

As a prophetic scribe that is also an author, I know the burden of said responsibility. I know the pain in trying to finish a piece you know should be done, yet are afraid of what that piece will actually mean to the body of Christ and the people watching them. I never claim to know it all or to be the only mouthpiece of God. I claim that I can see and I can hear. Whoever believes what they receive will obtain a prophets reward.


Behind Closed doors …begins today!



The Missing Files

Over the next few days, I will be sharing parts of a very short project that God dropped in my spirit last week. I’m calling it the missing files, because it is a series of conversations had with a couple that helped Damia Willis and Reed Lovell before they ever became husband and wife. (See books at B.A.D BOOKS)

Dave and Dianne are servants for the Lord called into action just as fast as Damia was catapulted into running a ministry in a different country.

In the Middle of the Night, by Dana Marie

“Dianna,” Dave turned on his stomach and reached over to Dianna’s hand holding her bible, “We will do all that God has said no matter what we must give up.”

Sighing, Dianna looked at her husband and said, “I know, but what about the kids? We’ll be leaving them and the grandchildren.”

“They can’t go and we can’t take them.” Getting up, Dave headed to the bathroom continuing with, “Our yes is our yes; not theirs.”

Dianna looked down at her Bible as the words started to blur; she knew Dave was right but her heart was breaking. She tried to continue reading but the tears started to flow. Dave paused at the door and looked at his wife. He, too, knew she was sad about having to leave the kids behind, but their yes was their yes. Getting back in bed he took the bible and pen from Dianna and pulled he close to him. Dave held her while she cried and eventually she fell asleep. Throughout the night he made a mental plan to get terminate the lease on their condo, sell their furniture and purchase an RV. The next thirty-days would be pivotal.

While this was going on, Damia Willis was having her own issues and setbacks.

“Peter, Where are you?” Damia asked. It was midnight her time as she called him she worried she may not reach him.

“I’m traveling, Agent Willis; what can I help you with?”

“I can’t handle this, Peter. I’m nervous, and Anthony….”

“Everything has changed Agent Willis for good reason. Your help is coming but you have to walk in the strength God has given you. Stop playing with your power.”

“Really, Peter? Every time I talk to you.” Damia said.

“Then stop talking to me, Agent.”

“Are you in Milwaukee??”

“NO, AGENT!!! Jeez, I’ll be back there soon.”

“Thanks, Peter.”

“You’re welcome, Damia; now get to work.”


This project is done and will be added to the next film in the Damia Willis, FBI franchise.


Dana M. Williamson

Smart, Saved, & Sexy: Dana Williamson

Every time I post here, I share a piece of me in my words but I never share me. Today, I wanted to do something different and give you the woman behind the books, behind the rhyme, forever in ministry and ahead of time. I’m thankful that in this part of my life I can do this with out fear of the enemy. Remember the word of God says resist the enemy and He will flee!

I started writing short stories and poetry at twelve years old; I didn’t know I could publish or even sell my works until seven years ago. Since then, I have been work diligently to do what is necessary to keep my gift growing. From self help books to recently publishing my first Christian Fiction series, here I am: Dana Williamson.


I have three degrees: two associate degrees (Police Science and Biblical Studies) and a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. I have many certifications in business and ministry as well as in learning my craft.


I accepted the Christ as my Lord and savior in September of 1995 even though I had known the Lord for many years prior. I went to Catholic Elementary and High Schools, and obtained my Bachelors Degree from a Lutheran College. I am a ministry leader, not by choice, but by my yes; the Lord called me and here I am.


I keep my clothes on. I share the insights from a married woman. I encourage marriage although divorced. I walk under the biblical understanding that the marriage bed is not defiled. I want on my king!

With that I thank you all for liking, sharing, commenting and reading the blog posts from the lock on the door.


In the next few days, look out for a free thank you gift!

God bless you!



Love Waiting: Charles and Jasmine

From a project I’m working on entitled Jasmine; it is the epitome of the lock on the door.


From behind the groom Charles looked over at the bridal party and fixed his eyes on a beautiful woman. She was average height and weight with medium skin tone, but it was something about her brown eyes which caused him to stare. Something about the person within that Charles wanted to get to know. Feeling someone look at her the woman turned her head slightly and smiled at Charles. His heart leaped on the inside and he thought to himself, ‘She’s going to be my wife.’

After the wedding ceremony, Charles was in the bathroom getting ready to take photos with the bride and groom. As he looked in the mirror he saw the vision of a ring and heard the Lord say, “Hey name is like flowers and her beauty is just for you; yes my son, she is the one.” Immediately Charles called his friend David, a trusted jeweler and gave him the description of the vision he had seen; David said it can be done and will be done just for him in about two weeks.

‘Who is the luck lady?’

‘A girl I’ve just seen today.’

‘Today? Really?’

‘Yes, I have to go. I’ll see you next week.’

While taking pictures outside the church , Charles walked over to the lady he had been admiring.


“Hello there.” She said smiling at him, “How are you?”

“I’m well, and you?”

“Great. I’m having the time of my life.”

“Uhm, this is going to sound strange,” Charles started but felt butterflies in his stomach as she looked at him deep into his soul, “I want to get to know you.”

“Okay.” She said without blinking. “You’ll need to know my name.” She reached her hand out to take his.

“Yes, you’re right.” Charles said as he reached back.

“I’m Jasmine.” Charles fainted.

“What did you do to him, Jasmine?” The bride asked as Charles was coming to.

“I introduced myself.”

Being helped to his feet by the other groomsmen, Charles looked at her and said, “I’m going to marry you.”

“Okay.” Jasmine responded, “Let’s help these two celebrate their day first.”

They all laughed and continued on with their day. On the deck of the yacht during the reception, Charles and Jasmine talked and laughed getting to know each other, and enjoying each others company.

“I’m sure the other girls want your time, Charles.”

“I don’t want their time; there was something about you that caught my eye at the wedding.”

“And now, Sir Charles?”

“Sir Charles?!” He laughed while grabbing her hand, “Now, I truly know I will marry you.”

“Are you asking me?”Jasmine said looking out over the water.

“Not today; I will ask you in a week, but until that time, will you allow me to court you?”

Jasmine looked in his eyes and thought this is a joke, “A week? and court me? You mean take me out?”

“I mean, yes, but its different when you’re dating the woman you’ll marry.”

“You’re serious, aren’t you?”

“Yes. I’m not waiting on love any longer; God said you’re the one.”

Jasmine smiled at Charles and thought, no, we’re not waiting any longer.


Dana Williamson


Ministry Leader

BAD Queen of the Round-Table


The Day You Wake Up: A Seer Dreams

Getting prepared to finish my 15 tasks for the day, I replayed the dream in my mind and I tried to shake the feeling of something unfinished, yet to do, or whatever. The Lord was saying so much to me that I was killing myself; it didn’t help that the enemy was hurting my head with doubt on all that I had seen and heard yesterday. Today, more had to happen as a result of my obedience yesterday.

I woke up and stumbled across many things the one day I woke up and started to write this new book. Yes, the DAY YOU WAKE UP is an ebook presented only by B.A.D. Books; preorders will be accepted in two days.

Nonetheless, the things I stumbled across were spiritual insights for me that were shocking. I walk in the prophetic and I have the seer anointing. A seer is someone that is given insight through vision and dreams. These visions and dreams are very vital for the world.

So what are the dreams the seer sees? I see end-time. I see current time. I see future love.

And that LADIES AND GENTLEMEN is why we’re here. I want you to grasp this message for you as I have grasped it for me:

…it was so intense, the feeling that went through my body, I had to repent. The thoughts that went through my mind were so lustful at any moment I knew HELL was about to open it’s doors.

“Take this from me Lord.” I whispered and just as quickly it was over. I opened my eyes again and looked at the time; an hour had passed and my experience was weighing heavy on my heart. Another vision. I started to cry. It was another morning of tests and trials…


There are times God will want you to seek Him while waiting on your king. The intimacy of another new day challenged me to call on God for healing, deliverance, rebuke and change. I want to be right for my king when He comes and having issues is not acceptable.


Healing and deliverance comes in so many forms; get in position to get healed and delivered so that you’re ready.

Dana Williamson





B.A.D Queens take Position

When you know who you are you can hold your head high and take position. Get in PLACE TO TAKE POSITION; your rightful position.

Esther 5:2 (NKJV)

So it was, when the king saw Queen Esther standing in the court, thatshe found favor in his sight, and the king held out to Esther the golden scepter that was in his hand. Then Esther went near and touched the top of the scepter.


Queen Esther knew her place as royalty and knew that the King loved her so that he would hear from her; in verse 3 it says that. What you don’t understand with being royalty in the spirit and in the natural is that you must stand on faith and not fear. You must understand your place as the wife, the queen of your castle; because you are the wife and your husband honors you HE PUTS YOU FIRST.

Your position will be clear to all people.

BUT IT IS TIME YOU DID THAT. If you are married don’t be afraid to be number one after God in your husband’s life. Realize that YOU as the WIFE/QUEEN are not second. When you feel second sit down and talk with your husband and get some resolution about it together. Go in prayer and get it!!

You DON’T have to be SINGLE while Married

I am bring back a group on FB for those that are married, considering marriage or divorce, and needing help. This help will be PART of the catalyst for our counseling services with B.A.D.F.B.I. Single While Married is a group that you have to be apart of to get general counseling to lead to other levels of counseling/coaching with me.


God bless you as you go forth.